The Teaching and Learning Cycle:
A Key Construct of The Learning Network


Teaching is providing the amount of support necessary to ensure that new learning occurs. For that to happen, the teacher must know what the learner needs and how to teach it. She makes decisions based on the teaching and learning cycle. The teaching and learning cycle has four key elements: assessment, evaluation, planning, and teaching, supported by an understanding of the reading process, the writing process, and of the conditions that are favorable for learning to occur. The teaching and learning cycle describes the process by which teachers make professional instructional decisions and then act on those decisions. The goal of any teaching is to produce new learning, which in turn provides a new assessment sample for the teacher to evaluate.


Activity - Practice in the Live or Training Site
  • Log in to Live or Training Site
  • For training site:
  • Identify the data source - classroom test data, benchmark data, etc.
  • Identify an area for improvement
  • Find lesson and units for reteaching
  • Schedule on Planner
  • Add Differentiated materials
  • Create an Express Test
  • Describe Scheduling Procedures; who would take the test, when, how, etc..................
  • Use the checklist to document work

apt process checklist.PNG


Activity - Reflect & Plan
  • Reflect on the process.
  • What are the implications for Professional Learning?
  • How will this experience influence your PD plan
  • What support is needed?

Our Task
  • Documenting our plan for implementation and monitoring
  • Decide on a tool that can be used to share plan
  • Note - Leaders will be using the plan at the next HB Leader's Meeting

Possible Resource

Live Binders

Great Example - Useful Now!

Building Professional Development Capacity Toolkit

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