April 11, 2013
Columbus County

Donna Albaugh, M.Ed., M.S.A.

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Essential Question
How can/does EVAAS improve student learning?

Clear Learning Targets
I can analyze EVAAS data, explain terms, and identify meaning from reports.
I can explain EVAAS reports and identify uses of reports for teams; data teams, PLCs, teacher teams, etc.

Norms: Can we agree?
  • To be actively involved
  • Value differences
  • Have fun
  • Others?

Opening Activity - Team Building


Reflect 2, 4, 8

  • Hand up, stand up, make a pair...............................................................................
  • Read question #1 and discuss
  • Pairs turn into Four, share
  • Read question #2 and discuss
  • Four turns into Eight, share
  • Read statement #3 and discuss
  • Whole group debrief
  1. How do your current instructional programs support students who aren't making adequate progress? What modifications could you make to your instructional programs to support these students?
  2. What kinds of data are important for continuous school improvement, and how can educators best organize the data for easy access and analysis?
  3. Looking at student achievement results and growth measures in conjunction with the context of the school and the processes that create the results gives teachers and administrators important information about what they need to do to improve learning for all students.

Navigating the SAS Website - Modeling
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Navigating the SAS Website - Practice
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Reflective Assessment Resources

Proactive Assessment Resources

Using the Reports
Myths vs Facts

Take a few moments to review the "big ideas" from these reports. Share those ideas on this Answer Garden.

Share your 'Big Ideas'....... at AnswerGarden.ch.

Putting it all Together

Making Connections - Education Value-Added Assessment System (EVAAS) and North Carolina Educator Evaluation System (NCEES)
  • NCEES and PDP
  • Connect the data in EVAAS
  • Setting Priorities

View the Example - Consider the questions below:
  • How does the Rubric support EVAAS data?
  • How can the data inform goals on the PDP?
  • What discussions and decisions can be made about instruction by analyzing EVAAS data in comparison to the Observation Rubric?
  • What other ideas do you have? Questions?

Summarize & Wrap-Up

Friday Institute Survey

Please take a few moments to complete this survey: http://go.ncsu.edu/ncdpi-resa_survey


Beginning Teacher Resources

Educator Effectiveness

Evaluation Comparison Chart

EVAAS Wiki ..http://evaas.ncdpi.wikispaces.net/
Virtual Professional Development ..https://ncdpi.sas.com
Data Literacy Module ..https://center.ncsu.edu/nc
Data Resource Guide ..http://www.ncpublicschools.org/acre/improvement/resources/
SAS provides ongoing virtual interactive professional development sessions. Sessions can be tailored to meet the specific needs of your district/school. Users also have the option to attend drop-in sessions(no pre-registration required).
Visit Phase II Modules
Introduction to Data Literacy module provides an introduction to data literacy. It includes information on types of data, strategies for analyzing and understanding data, and processes for determining how these can influence instructional practices.
This module aims to provide learning experiences that develop or enhance abilities to find, evaluate, and use data to inform instruction.
Data Resource Guide has been developed to provide information and resources to help administrators, data coaches, teachers, and support staff with data driven decision making for their schools and districts.

Participants may find information at the following websites useful.

An Introduction to Confidence Intervals
Scales of Measurement
Video tutorial
Explanation of Normal Curve Equivalents

Data Glossary
Data Glossary.doc
Data Glossary.doc