Bladen County Schools 6-12 Disciplinary & Digital Literacy Professional Development
August 22, 2012
Powell Melvin Agricultural Center

Purpose: To provide 6-12 teachers with an introduction to disciplinary literacy and digital literacy and ideas for integrating both into their classrooms.

At the end of this meeting, you will have had the opportunity to…
  • Discuss Common Core Literacy Standards,
  • Discuss N.C. Information & Technology Essential Standards, and
  • Collaborate with discipline colleagues on ways to integrate disciplinary & digital literacies into the classroom.

Topics and Resources
15 min
Welcome, review agenda

20 min
Graffiti Wall ActivityLinoit Canvas
60 min
Common Core Literacy Standards for History/Social Studies,
Science & Technical Subjects & N.C. Information & Technology Essential Standards
DPI's Curriculum Website(This file is just the 6-12 Literacy Standards)Self-Assessments by Grade Span Content Areas
15 min
85 min
Discipline Specific Groups
Record your ideas here
15 min
Resources and Closure
Final Reflection