Education Value Added Assessment System
December 7, 2012

Columbus County
December 7, 2012



Purpose: To provide an overview of the Education Value Added Assessment System (EVAAS)

At the end of this meeting, you will have had the opportunity to…

  • Be familiar with reflective assessments
  • Be familiar with proactive assessments
  • Understand the various EVAAS reports

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Table Topics:
  1. Discuss the water cooler conversations you have been a part of or have overheard in your building? What are teachers saying?
  2. What training, resources, or communications have you received from your district and/or school administrators and leaders?
  3. What are your greatest needs regarding EVAAS?
  4. What questions do you need answered in this training?

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Making Connections

Professional Teaching Standards

EVAAS Overview

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Reflective Assessments



Click here for the Login page of EVAAS

Click here for the resources used in this section

Proactive Assessments

Click here for resources used in this section

Teacher Reports

Use the table to identify strengths and limitations of individual teachers and school learning communities.

Summarize & Wrap-Up

Friday Institute Survey

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Resources and Links
Virtual Professional Development
Data Literacy Module
Data Resource Guide

SAS provides ongoing virtual interactive professional development sessions. Sessions can be tailored to meet the specific needs of your district/school. Users also have the option to attend drop-in sessions(no pre-registration required).
Visit Phase II Modules
Introduction to Data Literacy module provides an introduction to data literacy. It includes information on types of data, strategies for analyzing and understanding data, and processes for determining how these can influence instructional practices.
This module aims to provide learning experiences that develop or enhance abilities to find, evaluate, and use data to inform instruction.
Data Resource Guide has been developed to provide information and resources to help administrators, data coaches, teachers, and support staff with data driven decision making for their schools and districts.

Other Resources

Participants may find information at the following websites useful.
An Introduction to Confidence Intervals
Scales of Measurement
Video tutorial
Explanation of Normal Curve Equivalents

Data Glossary.doc
Data Glossary.doc

Data Glossary.doc
Data Glossary.doc
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Glossary of Data Related Terms
SAS Statistical Model for EVAAS can be found here.,-Standard-Deviation,-and-Standard-Error
Standard Error Calculation