Region 4 Professional Development Support

Special Guest:
Paul Marshall, Region 5 PD Consultant

Donna Albaugh, M.Ed., M.S.A.

Professional Development Consultant...........


Jody Cleven, Ph.D.

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Heather Stewart, M. Ed.

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Essential Question
How can/does EVAAS improve student learning?

Clear Learning Targets
I can analyze EVAAS data, explain terms, and identify meaning from reports.
I can explain EVAAS reports and identify uses of reports for teams; data teams, PLCs, teacher teams, etc.

Norms: Can we agree?
  • To be actively involved
  • Value differences
  • Have fun
  • Others?

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Review of EVAAS

EVAAS Resources and Tools

1. Table of Reports

All users
A table listing of all reports offers, including a description and how you may use each report.
Report Table

2. Overview of School Effects

District Administrators

*Administrators can use this power point to determine where some areas in their school that need more of a focus and where there is cause for celebration. A way of looking at what is going on in specific grades/subjects/PLCs
Overview of School Effects

3. Data Mining

*Administrators can next use this form to determine what teachers have strengths and areas for improvement. This form helps determine what is going on in the classroom.
Mining the Data

4. Flow Chart for Teacher 1

Teacher, Administrator goes over flow chart with teacher and keeps a copy
*Teachers will state which tertiles they have strengths or areas for improvement along with evidence and goals. Administrators should keep a copy for accountability purposes as well as being able to leverage strengths and mitigate areas of improvements.
Teacher 1

5. Flow Chart for Teacher 2

Teacher, Administrator goes over flow chart with teacher and keeps a copy
This form will help walk teachers through the next step of talking to their PLCs as well as how to best address their needs for improvements.
Teacher 2

6. Custom Reports

All Users
In this table, desired outcomes are listed along with which report best meets their needs.
Custom Reports

7. Flow Chart 1:

Administrator Resource

Questions that administrators use to drill down to how and why their school has the results they do.
Flow Chart Administrators 1

8. Flow Chart 2:

Administrator Resources

Flow Chart Administrators 2

9. Teacher Diagnostics

*A list of the different patterns possible from teacher reports and what they mean.
Teacher Diagnostics

SAS Link

Discussion Topics:
  • Scenarios
  • Student/Teacher Assignments
  • Verification

Wrap up Discussion
As a result of this session...
  • What information will you use immediately? At the beginning of the next school year?
  • How will you use the information learned; i.e., with which groups of teachers, in PLCs or individually, at staff meetings, etc.?
  • How will you collaborate with other leaders in your district? How will you share your experiences?
  • What is still needed?