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Essential Question
How can the use of EVAAS data enhance instruction?

Clear Learning Targets
I can analyze EVAAS data and explain terms and meanings of reports.
I can explain EVAAS reports and identify uses of reports for Data Teams and Teacher Teams.

Norms: Can we agree?
  • To be actively involved
  • Value differences
  • Have fun
  • Others?



  • What do you Wish to learn from this session?
  • Use the index card to write down your thoughts
  • Share with your 'shoulder partner'
  • Debrief..................................................................................................

EVAAS Reports Overview

Power Point in PDF format: ....................
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Reflective Assessment Resources

Proactive Assessment Resources

Using the Reports

Take a few moments to review the "big ideas" from these reports. Share those ideas on this Answer Garden.

What are some of your "Big Ideas"?... at

Teacher Reports

EVAAS Growth Identification Table
This tool is useful to identify the leaders in your building.

Day 2

Warm Up Activity

Review Reports

Collegial Conversations - Role Play

Five Questions for Beginning a Principal/Teacher Dialogue

1. Where would you like to see students making better progress this year?

2. Why do you think students did not make the progress expected/the progress you’d like to have seen, last year?

3. Given the problem we’ve identified, what strategies would make a difference for students at that achievement level?

4. Who are the students you are teaching now that would fall within that achievement level?

5. What kind of support do you need to carry out your plan?

How to Use Teacher Value-Added Reports to Improve Student Progress Document

  • Find a partner
  • Role play using the EVAAS dialogue document to simulate collegial conversations around Teacher Value Added Reports
  • Frame the activity with a focus on identifying strengths and limitations of individual teachers and school learning communities and planning for improved student progress

  • Select a scenario and discuss responses with a partner
  • Transfer the collegial conversation with your partner to the conversations that may be a priority in with teachers/principals in your role and responsibilities

Access a Teacher Diagnostic Report

Access a teacher diagnostic report from your school that indicates a need for a crucial conversation.

  1. Log into EVAAS.
  2. Click the reports tab on the upper left side.
  3. Click on Teacher Effectiveness Reports
  4. Search for Teacher
  5. Review the data

Role-Play a Conversation

Choose a partner and decide who will play the role of the principal and who will play the role of the teacher.
Using the five questions from above, simulate a possible conversation that may occur between a principal and a teacher using the data from the diagnostic report.

Pattern example.PNG

4b and c.PNG
View another example here.

Coaching and Role-Play Resources

Cognitive Coaching Cycle

Reflective Questioning

Coaching Conversations


"Reflective questioning is a key
component to collaborative
conversations about
student performance."

reflective conversation.PNG

Planning Time

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Summarize and Wrap-Up

Friday Institute Survey

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