Coaching Mathematics Instruction for Student Learning
This session will offer school leaders effective strategies for coaching teachers. School leaders will identify ways to promote teaching that results in optimal learning by analyzing the impact of teacher actions on student learning.

Activity: Achieve the Core is a non-profit organization working to support teachers across the country in their efforts to realize the promise of the Common Core State Standards for all students. The organization invites educators and people curious about the Common Core State Standards to explore what the site has to offer, including hundreds of math and literacy resources for teachers, resources for leaders who are putting college and career readiness standards into action in their own schools, and opportunities to become an advocate for the Common Core.

1) Tour the Achieve the Core site.

2) Bookmark the site on your device.

3) Share the link with others.

4) Click on the Instructional Practice Guides linked below and review.

5) Discuss ways you may use the guide to coach mathematics instruction for student learning.

Click here to access HS Instructional Practice Guide: Coaching.

Click here to access K-8 Instructional Practice Guide: Coaching.

Click here to access Rubric for School Evaluation.

Activity: Fan & Pick
Team members number off 1-4. Participants take the corresponding numbered table tent and color-coded documents. Match the color of the dot on the numbered table tent with the dot on the matching support documents for each participant.
Click here to access directions for activity.

Activity: Access the game board materials on the table. Follow the directions included in the packet to play the
IF (teacher actions)...THEN (impact on student learning) board game.


Want to replicate this activity to engage your staff?
Click here to access the materials for the IF...THEN board game activity.

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