Fayetteville State University
January 30, 2013

Common Core-English Language Arts


Welcome to the session wikipage!

My name is Donna Albaugh. It is a pleasure to have the opportunity to spend time learning with you. We may change the agenda to meet your requests based on your interests.
In an effort to assess your prior knowledge, please respond to the question below:



Downloadable ppt:

Explore Resources:

Use the links in the Resource Guide to access web based tools to aid in planning for technology enabled instruction. Explore 2 or more tech tools that are not familiar to you. Discuss with a partner how these resources may enhance teaching and learning.

4 Cs in 21st Century Teaching and Learning:

Communication, Critical Thinking, Creativity, and Collaboration are essential in planning for student engagement for today's learners.
Open the 20th vs 21st century classrooms document, reflect on the changes and consider the implications for you.

Partner Discuss:

Discuss the implications of the 4Cs on teaching and learning in the 21st Century Classroom.

Scavenger Hunt:

Open the document and use the Core Standards link to search for the responses to questions in the scavenger hunt. Record the responses in your Penzu journal. Discuss your findings with a partner.

Link for Common Core Standards:


Open the document and use the ACRE website to access either the Common Core Support Tools (Math and ELA only) or the NC Essential Standards Support Tools to respond to the questions in the scavenger hunt. Record the responses in your Penzu journal. Discuss your findings with a partner.

Link for NC Essential Standards ACRE website:


Lesson Plan Templates:
Open the lesson plan templates and review each. Select a lesson plan template to use in planning for one of the content standards you explored during the scavenger hunt.

Link for Informational Technology Standards: Open the link for the Informational Technology Essential Standards (ITES) livebinder and research the 5 strands in the ITES. Discuss with a partner ways that technology enabled instruction can be integrated into all the content areas and the relevance of the ITES in teaching and learning. How do these strands influence the decisions you will make as a classroom teacher in planning and facilitating meaningful learning for all learners?