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Activity 1: Standard I

10 minutes
Table Talk
Small-group discussion with colleagues sitting near you
Discuss at least 2 ways that teachers can:
  • Lead in the classroom
  • Lead in the school
  • Lead in the teaching profession
Record ideas on the Tricider.

Activity 5: Understanding the Standards & Elements

30 minutes

Divide into groups: Each group will examine the standards and elements
  • Complete a close reading of the gray area for the elements. What are the elements asking teachers to do?
  • Closely examine the descriptors. What teacher behaviors should you observe for proficiency? Student behaviors?
  • Create a graphic representation of this teacher

Table Talk
  • What specific behaviors do you need to see for a teacher to be proficient or above in Standard V?
  • How can you, as an instructional leader, help your teachers become reflective practitioners?

Whole-group discussion & Share Posters

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