North Carolina Educator Evaluation Sytem (NCEES)
Inter-Rater Reliability (IRR)

November 16, 2012

  • Briefly review the North Carolina Professional Teaching Standards and Teacher Evaluation Process
  • Develop inter-rater reliability of standards 1-5 through the use of classroom observation with video and a full scenario
  • Understand professional coaching techniques
  • Analyze observation notes, and plan for crucial conversations with teachers to help them grow professionally

  • Introductions
  • Review NC Professional Teaching Standards
  • Coaching Techniques
  • Teacher Observation
  • Break
  • Teacher Observation Continued
  • Lunch
  • Teacher Observation - Standards 1-5
  • Group Presentations and Discussion
  • Standard 6
  • Reflection/Evaluation

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Brief Review

North Carolina Professional Teaching Standards

North Carolina Teacher Evaluation Process
Teacher Evaluation Process Infographic

Coaching Techniques

Coaching Presentation

Reflective Questions

Teacher Observation

Visit NCEES Online Tool Demo

NCEES Online Tool

  • UserName: principaldemo25
  • Password: 123456
  • Choose any teacher, click observation, abbreviated observation form (standards 1 and 4 only).

Small-group discussion

  • Discuss Jenna with your group. Refer to your notes and focus on observable facts related to Standards 1 and 4
  • What reflective questions would you ask Jenna during the post-conference to gain insight for non-observables
  • Complete an abbreviated observation (standards 1 and 4) using the online tool
  • Write reflective questions for the post-conference with Jenna in the comment sections of the observation form

Whole-group discussion

  • Observation Consensus - What descriptors would we check for Jenna? What reflective questions would we ask during the post-conference? What are our discrepancies?

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Teacher Observation – Standards 1-5


Earlene Permenter - Pre-reading

  • Clementine Elementary School Profile
  • Earlene Permenter (3rd grade teacher) profile
  • Lesson Plan
  • Self-assessment and Professional Development Plan
    • NCEES Online Tool
    • Username: principaldemo9
    • Password: 123456
    • Click Observations.
    • Choose the teacher "Earlene Permenter."


Earlene Permenter - Observation 1

  • Thoroughly read and review observation notes for Earlene Permenter, observation 1
  • Choose a recorder and a spokesperson for your group
  • Work in small groups to "observe" Ms. Permenter and make notes related to your assigned standard(1, 2, 3, 4, or 5)
  • Using the online tool, create a new observation for Ms. Permenter
  • Name the observation by the standard you are observing (Example: Observation Standard 3)
  • Complete the rubric for all observables in your assigned standard
  • Non-observables – write reflective questions for the post-conference with Ms. Permenter

Group Presentations and Discussion

Standard 6

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Educator Effectiveness

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