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November 5, 2012

Common Core State Standards & North Carolina Essential Standards

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Common Core State Standards and North Carolina Essential Standards

This guide is intended to provide resource links for tools that may be useful in supporting content instruction.
Link for the Common Core State Standards:
Open the link for the Common Core State Standards for English Language Arts and Mathematics to explore the content standards.
With a partner discuss the implications of the shifts in the standards.
How will this impact instructional planning for the students you serve?
Link for Edutopia:
Open the link to access resources to support 21st century teaching and learning. With a partner discuss strategies for creating learning experiences for the students you serve that include the 4 Cs.

Link for ITES Livebinder:

Link for Informational Technology Standards:

Open the link for the Informational Technology Essential Standards (ITES) livebinder and research the 5 strands in the ITES. Discuss with a partner ways that technology enabled instruction can be integrated into all the content areas and the relevance of the ITES in teaching and learning. How do these strands influence the decisions you will make as an instructional faciitator in planning and providing meaningful learning for all students?
The digital tools shared on this site have been helpful to some educators across the state. However, due to the rapidly changing digital environment, NCDPI does not represent nor endorse that these tools are the exclusive digital tools for the purposes outlined in the descriptions below.

Here are some great tech tools you may want to use in your classroom or staff meetings. Thanks to Jessica Garner for sharing resources!
  • 10 x 10An interactive exploration of the words and pictures that define the time.
  • Animoto - An online video creation site.
  • Any Video Converter - A free downloadable program that allows you to "grab" videos off the web or convert to different types of videos (.wmv, .mov, .mP4, etc.)
  • AP Timeline ReaderCreate custom timeline displays of the type of news stories that matter to you.
  • Audacity - A free downloadable program that allows you to capture voices, integrate voices and song, etc. (A free alternative to Garage Band)
  • - Brainstorming made simple
  • Classtools - A free website for creating games for the classroom.
  • Delicious- A great free way to save links online that can be accessed from any computer. You can also create "stacks" that group links together with a common title. Access my Delicious Stacks Here.
  • Dropbox - An online site as well as a downloadable program that allows you to seamlessly share files between computers or between user
  • Edmodo - This is an educational social networking tool that is closed and safe to use with students.
  • Edublogs - A free online blog service that is specific to education.
  • Flickr - A photo posting and sharing site. Also a great place to find beautiful photos to use in the classroom.
  • Glogster - A free online service that allows students to create electronic "posters." Multimedia objects can be embedded into these posters. Accounts that allow student management are not free.
  • GoAnimate - A website that allows you to create animated videos using your voice or text-to-voice.
  • Google Calendar - My favorite online calendar! You can create multiple calendars for different topics and embed them into websites.
  • Google Docs - Create and share online documents, presentations, charts, etc. Also create online surveys that allow for easy data collection.
  • Google Voice - Allows users to have one phone number that other numbers can forward to. Provides free voicemail that transcribes into text for SMS or email. Listen to voicemail within an email message.
  • GoTo Meeting - This is a paid web-based meeting hosting site.
  • iPadio - Free site that allows students to send messages with their cell phones. Great for a world language classroom. Also allows the instructor to "follow" their students' channels to easily hear latest voice blogs.
  • Linoit - Free, online sticky note hosting site. Create a canvas for your topic and students can post sticky notes that are relevant to the topic.
  • Live Binders - Free, online way to store information in a virtual binder.
  • MovieMaker - A Windows-based program that allows you to create movies from photos and video clips. Include voice-overs and music. Can be exported as a .wmv file.
  • Ning - A secure social networking site. While this is a paid site, sponsors are willing to pay.
  • Online Stopwatch - An online clock and stopwatch that will count up or down. Downloadable versions are also available in .swf format.
  • Pegby Come to the board, and get stuff done!
  • **** Start an online newspaper today!
  • PB Works - A free wiki site. Allows students and teachers to collaborate on a webpage.
  • Penzu - A free, private journaling site.
  • PhotoStory 3 for WindowsA free, downloadable program (for Windows) that allows students to quickly and easily create slide shows. Voice and text can be added to each slide. Can be published in .wmv format.
  • Poll Everywhere - A free online polling service. Ask students questions and get answers back via text or online. Instantaneous formative assessment. Create open-ended, multiple choice, or goal poals.
  • Popplet: An iPad-friendly alternative to Popplet is a place for your ideas.
  • QR Code Reader for Computer - A blog that allows you to download a program for Mac or PC to read QR codes. You must have Adobe Air installed (there is a link at this site) and the computer must have a webcam installed.
  • QR Code Generator - Allows you to create QR codes from your content.
  • Quia - Free shared activities for several disciplines. Games, practice, etc. Also provides paid subscriptions for you to create your own content.
  • Quizlet - Create online flashcard sets and play games with the vocabulary words.
  • Sign Up Genius - A site that allows users to sign up for dates, snacks, etc. Great for classroom parties or bringing snacks to soccer games!
  • Skype - Share screens, chat, and message with others.
  • SMART Response System - A set of clickers that are integrated with SMART boards and the Notebook software.
  • Smore Design beautiful online flyers and publish instantly.
  • SoapBox - Use this during class to break down participation barriers, keep students engaged, and give teachers insight into student comprehension. Works great with classrooms that have access to mobile devices or laptops.
  • Spotify - A downloadable program that allows you to listen to music on your computer.
  • Stixy: Stixy makes it fun and incredibly easy for you to collaborate online with your friends, family, colleagues, or peers.
  • Sugar Sync - A wonderful downloadable program and mobile app that allows you to sync folders that live on different computers. Access files from any computer, anywhere you have an internet connection.
  • Tagul: Tagul is a web service that enables you to create gorgeous tag clouds.
  • Tagxedo - A word cloud site that puts words into shapes.
  • Tricider: Collect ideas and then vote on your favorite. Tricider makes it easy to share ideas as well as pros and cons that accompany each.
  • TinyURL: Making over a billion long URLs usable!
  • TitanPad: TitanPad lets people work on one document simultaneously.
  • TokBox - Allows you to add video chat to your web sites.
  • TodaysMeetEmbrace the backchannel and connect with your audience in realtime.
  • Twitter - Share short messages, follow trends, and have virtual conversations. A great way to find out about great articles and resources, depending on who you follow.
  • Vimeo: Vimeo is video + you. Vimeo puts your videos first and gives you the best ways to share, discover, and be inspired.
  • Vocaroo: Vocaroo is an online voice recorder.
  • VoiceThread - An online way to asynchronously collaborate around documents or multimedia. The free account gives you access to 3 threads.
  • Voki: Create speaking avatars and use them as a learning tool.
  • Wallwisher - An online canvas for sticky notes. Post a topic or question and have students respond by putting a virtual sticky note on the canvas. You can also link to multimedia and other URLs.
  • Weebly - An easy way to create a website.
  • Wikispaces - A free wiki hosting space. Allows many users to contribute to the content of a web page.
  • Wordle - An online word cloud site. The size of the words adjusts based on their frequency. This is integrated into Poll Everywhere.
  • Wordplay - A simple online game to learn Spanish words and phrases.
  • Xtranormal - Create animated videos with different characters using text or voice.
  • Yodio - Use your cell phone to create voice blogs and share messages. Great for world language classrooms!

ACRE Webinars Page

ACRE Webinars Page provides links to live webinars, modules, and instructional tools as well as information about upcoming modules.

New and Revised Resources Added to the ACRE Website
Several resources have been added recently to the Accountability Curriculum and Reform Effort (ACRE) website.

- Sample graphic organizers for Common Core and Essential Standards. Content-specific organizers for the Essential Standards are available in draft form for Arts Education, World Languages, Social Studies, Science and Healthful Living at Sample graphic organizers for the Common Core subjects English Language Arts and Math are available in draft form at NCDPI staff is encouraging stakeholders to review the organizers and provide feedback at

-Revised unpacking standards for first and second-grade mathematics. Unpacking standards for first and second-grade mathematics have been updated and added to the Common Core Instructional Support Tools website at Unpacking standards are documents for educators that define the skills students must master to accomplish specific goals. The documents list the essential standards for each grade level and subject, and provide detailed examples on how to teach a standard. teacherdemo17===

Password: 123456

Link for the North Carolina Teacher Education Evaluation System (NCEES):
Open the link to access the rubric for teacher evaluation. How can you use the NC Professional Teaching Standards, Elements, and Performance Descriptors to prepare the students you serve as a faculty member at Methodist University?