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Link to TNL Demo Tool:
Open the attached document to select a teacher or principal User access.
Password: ncdpi2014

(If the password needs to be updated - please use ncdpi2015)


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Activity - Synthesize the information - 4 Corners
  • Move to a corner
  • Answer the question as a group
  • When the music starts, rotate
  • Add thoughts to the next poster
  • When the music starts, rotate and repeat
  • End at original poster
  • Prepare to share ideas

  1. How will you share the ideas presented with your staff?
  2. How does the evaluation process fit in with your district/school improvement goals?
  3. What strategies do you currently use to 'grow' your teachers? How does the NC evaluation process support those strategies?
  4. What personal learning and resources do you need to implement the NC Evaluation Process?

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