This training space is designed to facilitate the learning and training of school educators in the use of PowerSchool and Gradebook.

Provide insight into PowerSchool and Power Teacher Gradebook features and functionality.

PowerTeacher Gradebook: teachers will learn how to launch PowerTeacher Gradebook and gain an overall understanding of its functions. Educators will learn how to work with grades in PowerTeacher Gradebook. Teachers will walk through grade book processes, including how to set up the calculation for final grades, add assignments, and work with scores.

  • Introduce Power School and Power Teacher Gradebook features and applications
  • Facilitate set up and exploration

Learner Outcomes:
After this session participates will be able to...
  • Explain PowerSchool and Power Teacher Gradebook
  • Describe features and applications
  • Navigate through Power Teacher Gradebook to set up classes, add assignments, and calucate grades
  • Explain how Power Teacher Gradebook will simiplify their work load

The digital resources included on this wiki have been helpful to some educators across the state. However, due to the rapidly changing digital environment, NCDPI does not represent nor endorse that these resources are the exclusive digital resources for the purposes outlined on this wiki.

Introductions and Pre-Assessment

Where are we now? Please add your most recent success with Homebase, PowerSchool, or Power Teacher Gradebook to the Padlet below:

PowerSchool Overview and Review

PowerSchool Resources

Home Base Training Wiki Page:

Quick Reference Card:

Visual Power Point

Activity - Live Site Demonstration
  • Navigate through PowerSchool
  • Questions/Comments

Exploring Power Teacher Gradebook
Gradebook Home Image.PNG

Activity - Use the Quick Reference Card to Get Started with Power Teacher Gradebook

Quick Reference Card
  1. Launch Gradebook
  2. Access Student Information
  3. Add one Web Link for Class Content
  4. Create a New Category
  5. Add an assignment
  6. Copy an assignment
  7. Enter scores and then delete them
  8. Lock the Gradebook

Option for Administrators - Use the Quick Reference Cards to Review Power School and Parent Portal

Working with Grades

Activity - Live Site Demonstration
  • Navigate through Gradebook
  • Question/Comments


Gradebook Reports Document

Power Teacher Gradebook Resources

Home Base Training Wiki - Mastery in Minutes by Role and Content

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