The N.C. Educator Evaluation System (NCEES)BCS Board of EducationSeptember 13, 2012
Purpose: To provide school administrators with an overview of the North Carolina Educator Evaluation System (NCEES) and demonstrate using the online tools to begin the school year.

At the end of this meeting, participants will …
  • Get acquainted through Chalk Talk.
  • Assess understanding of the NC Educator Evaluation Process and review.
  • Understand the Standards and Ratings.
  • Use the NC Educator Evaluation Online Tool.
  • Begin completing the required Self-Assessment.

Today's presentation -

10 min
Welcome, review agenda, introductions
Region 4 RttT wikiNCEES Wiki
20 min
Meet and Greet, Assessing what you know

25 min
The NC Teacher Evaluation Process

30 min
Performance Ratings andthe NC Professional Teaching Standards

15 min

30 min
NCEES Online Tool
Online Demo SiteLogin: teacherdemo1-40principaldemo1-40Password: 123456
30 min

15 min
Assessing what you know

5 min
Question and Answer/Closure and evaluation