The Relationship between NC Teacher Candidate Evaluations
& the NC Educator Evaluation System

UNC Pembroke
August 16, 2012
1:30 pm - 4:30 pm


Purpose: To provide student interns with an overview of the NC Professional Teaching Standards and how the NC Teacher Candidate Evaluation documents relate to the NC Educator Evaluation System (NCEES).

At the end of this meeting, participants will...
  • Understand the role of the Framework for 21st Century Learning and the NC Professional Teaching Standards in achieving the mission of the NC State Board of Education and NCDPI's READY initiative.
  • Understand the relationship between the Teacher Candidate Evaluation Rubric, the LEA/IHE Certification of Teaching Capacity, and the Rubric for Evaluating North Carolina Teachers.

Here is the presentation from today's session.

10 min
Welcome, review agenda, introducations

10 min
Quick tour of NCDPI Region 4 Wiki
Region 4 wiki
25 min
State Board of Education Mission, READY,
21st Century Skills, & NC Professional Teaching Standards
NCDPI & State Board Websites
Submit your 21st Century Skills Answer Garden here
Partnership for 21st Century Skills Website
25 min
Visual Concept of the Standards

15 min

25 min
Performance Ratings

55 min
Alignment between the Teacher Candidate and Teacher Rubrics

5 min
LEA/IHE Certification of Capacity (CTC) and policies related to licensure

5 min
Question and Answer/Closure and evaluation
Quick Write Linoit Canvas